How to schedule a party at our Indoor Facility:
Just give us a call, select a party package and place a deposit.  If we are partying, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. All of our party rooms are private. Our largest room will be used for larger parties on a first scheduled basis.  If you prefer the larger room, we recommend scheduling a Classic or Premium party package, and make sure you ask for room availability.  

Length of AAF parties:
Every party is 2 hours in total, with access to the Play Zone and party room.  You can arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your party for room set up and are allotted 15 minutes after your party for clean-up.  Please do not run over your allotted time as other parties are waiting.  Play time for the kids is only during the 2 hour party time.  We do not allow individual guests to stay past their scheduled party as we do not want to create a crazy environment for parties to follow, thank you for understanding.

Invited Guests:
Your party plan allows a specific number of kids, which does not include the Birthday Child.  If you go over the allotted number, you will be bumped up to our next party package.  Each party goer between the ages of 1-18 will have colored wristbands, and will be counted in your party plan.  Adults are not included in your party plan.  Siblings of friends often come to parties and are included in the party package, if you need us to ask parents to pay for siblings please let us know.  

A deposit is required at the time of scheduling to hold your slot.  It is refundable with 3 weeks notice prior to your event.  Your deposit goes toward the cost of your event.  Full payment is due on the day of your party, we accept cash, debit or credit card.  We no longer accept personal checks.  

Drop-In Play during parties:
If you schedule a private party, Drop-In Play will not be permitted.  Otherwise, Drop-In Play will be allowed based on the number of kids in the facility.  

Socks are REQUIRED for every person who plays on the inflatables.  We do have them available for purchase.  We recommend clothing that will cover the skin (long sleeves, pants etc.) for prevention of rug burns.  Nylon type pants make the kids go super fast down the slides.  Any clothing that runs the risk of scratching or puncturing the inflatables can not be worn (zippers on pant legs or pockets, snaps or buttons on back pockets, hoops, belts, etc).  No jewelry or eyeglasses permitted.    

To help prevent injuries, everyone is asked to follow all verbal and written instruction when at our facility.  Adult supervision is provided, however it is always a good idea to keep an eye out for your children as well.  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.  Manufacturers guidelines for age and weight appropriate for each inflatable will be followed.  A wavier for each child playing must be signed before admission to the facility.  For safety, adults cannot "play" on inflatables at the same time as kids, but can supervise.

Casts, Splints, etc. 
In the interest of safety, any guest wearing a cast or other motion limiting medical device (splint, sling or brace) may not be permitted to participate on the inflatables. 

Please feel free to decorate for your party!  Please keep all wall decorations to a minimum and be careful when removing tape not to damage the walls, no command strips please (they trip the paint often) .  We do not permit silly string, confetti, face or hair paint.  Pinatas are temporary on hold until we can figure out how to hang them.  Balloons add to your decor and the kids just love them.  We do not have ceilings for decoration in our new facility.  If you want to bring table cloths, there are 4 picnic tables and three 6’ serving tables in the large room and 3 picnic tables and 2 serving tables in the smaller room.  Please remember you only have 15 minutes to remove decorations, food etc., and to exit the facility at the end of your party.  The room then has to be prepared for the next party. 

Food and drinks:
Bringing in food for your party is not a problem!  Each party room has outlets in case you need to keep something warm.  Please don’t forget a cooler for your ice.  Food and beverages are not permitted in the play area.  

You are welcome to bring extra entertainment for your child’s big day.  DJ’s, Clowns, Magicians etc. will just add to your event.  Please notify us in advance, no face painting or hair paint permitted, please tell the clown! 

Don’t Forget:

If you are bringing a cake, please bring a serving knife, candles, and a lighter. 

Any cancellation requires 3 weeks notice.  If 3 weeks notice is not given, your deposit will not be refunded.  You may reschedule your event as long as it is within 3 months of your original party date and your deposit will apply.

All About Fun 



can adults play?

  • For safety, adults must honor weight limits and safety rules for each unit if on equipment.  Rules are posted on units. 

  • Adults cannot bounce or slide at the same time as kids ​but can supervise their child if needed.

Time to make your party plans:


Need a venue for your party or event?  We invite you to come in and check us out before finalizing your party plans, you won’t be disappointed.  The atmosphere at our facility is a little more laid back and family oriented...add your own touches and you’ve got a party your child will never forget!

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drop-in play

required dress 

  • Socks are required

  • ​No zippers other than on waist

  • ​No snaps or buttons on pants pockets

  • ​No hoops or chains on clothing

  • ​No belts or jewelry

  • ​No watches or eyeglasses

  • Please check with staff if your child has a cast, splint, brace, etc.  



Party Plans


Mini Party

$160 plus tax 

1-12 friends

Smaller party room 


Classic Party

$200 plus tax

13-18 friends

Larger party room if available


Packages will not be decreased to a lesser party if all of your guests don't arrive, but a Classic party has priority over the larger party room on a first scheduled basis. 

Premium Party

$240 plus tax

19-24 friends​

​Larger party room if available


Private Party

Have our facility all to yourself!  We advise you to reserve early, availability is limited.  No Drop-In Play permitted in the facility.  

$330 plus tax Monday-Friday

$600 plus tax Saturday-Sunday

$330 plus tax Sat/Sun 7:30-9:30 only.  

Up to 50 friends, friends over 50 = $10 per child.

Sleep-Over / Lock-In's


A private stay all night!  Chaperones required, 1 per every 6 kids.  Chaperone must be at least 21 yrs old. 

$400 plus tax 12 kids or less

$450 plus tax 13-18 kids

$500 plus tax 19-24 kids

>24 kids = $10 per additional child

Group Events

Call for pricing.

Party Times




Mon-Fri hours are flexible

Sat/Sun 7:30-9:30, will schedule private parties.  

​Party Plans are subject to change.

​Additional party info available below.










Party info

$10.00 plus tax per child

No drop-offs, a responsible adult is required to stay with child.

Party rooms are not available to Drop-In's. Presents, cakes, cupcakes, party decor, food platters, spread of food or anything that resembles a party is not permitted. 

Drop-In Play will be permitted unless there is a private party, we will notify the public by Facebook when this occurs.  

Winter Drop-In Play Hours:

​Fri  4-8:30pm

Sat 11-7pm

Sun 1-4:30pm

Additional hours available will be posted weekly on FB.  

Friday Night Lights:

Laser Lights/Music every 3rd Friday of the month. 

The Bakerie

​Coming Soon!

A $53 deposit is required at the time of scheduling to hold your slot for a Mini-Premium Party. 

A $106 deposit is required for a Private Party.  

Deposits are refundable with 3 weeks notice prior to your event.

Private Party Rooms are a must!

Indoor Play Center

Party Deposit

​Birthday Party Places

birthday parties offer

  • Private party room guaranteed. 

  • 2 hour party session, 20 minutes set-up time prior to party and 15 minutes post party clean-up time allowed.  

  • Fun filled inflatables

  • Birthday child is free!

  • Patrons are permitted to decorate your room, no silly string or confetti allowed. 

  • Bring a buffet of food.

  • Party on game day?  Watch here!

  • Laser light/dance parties now available