Rental Info

Presence at delivery:
It is important that the responsible person be present and accessible at time of delivery of the rental unit.  Your minimal assistance may be needed for set-up.  Rules and responsibilities, contractual agreement and other documents need to be signed and completion of payment is required at this time.  Please do not delay staff and have them wait for services to end, etc., as this will put them behind schedule to get to other events.  Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.  

Rental Agreement:
On the day of your event, you will receive a “Rental Agreement & General Release” contract, as well as an “Instruction” form.  Please read over these documents and notify us of any questions.  If you would like a copy prior to the play date we can send it by US Mail for your review.  All contracts must be signed before any rentals can be used.  

Due at the time of delivery.  We ask that residential customers pay in cash, a company check is acceptable for businesses, schools, and religious organizations.

Cleanliness of Inflatables:
Our units are “spring cleaned” annually, deep cleaned when needed, and spot cleaned frequently.  We disinfect with clorox and simple green to provide as germ-free an environment as possible for your kids to play.  We cannot promise that our inflatables are spotless, but we clean on a regular basis.  

Prep needed before All About Fun arrives:
•Please notify us if you feel access to your area is difficult.  We move our inflatables on a large dolly, so we need a 5’ wide path.  No stairs or steep hills please.  We must also have enough space and overhead clearance for the inflatable.
•If setting up on asphalt or concrete, please sweep the area.
•Clear set-up area of any debris or animal feces.
•Do not mow the grass within 3 days of the event.
•Please contain animals upon arrival, they are not permitted on the inflatables.  
•Remove center posts from double doors for indoor events.  

Please help us keep our equipment clean:
No food, drinks, gum, candy, silly string, hair paint or other products allowed on the inflatables.  Silly string causes major damage to the inflatable and the customer will be responsible for damage.  If accidents occur, i.e vomiting or urine, please clean up immediately with soap and water.  

We recommend clothing that will cover the skin (long sleeves, pants) for more effective sliding and prevention of rug burns.  Any clothing that runs the risk of damaging the inflatables may not be worn (zippers on pockets, snaps or buttons on pockets, hoops, belts, etc.).  No jewelry, eyeglasses or shoes are permitted.  Please ask guests to wear appropriate “sliding clothes”.

Electrical Requirements:

We require a grounded outlet on a dedicated 20 amp circuit to run the blower that keeps the inflatable inflated.  This is per single inflatable unit.  Our large Water Slide, 2 piece Turbo Rush, and Joust require 2 separate outlets as described.  

Water Slides:
There must be a continuous flow of water via a water hose for each water slide.  50-100’ of water hose is typically used.  Appropriate attire must be worn by all riders.  Swim suit or work out clothes are fine.  

Park Events:
Not a problem, inflatables go over well at our local parks. An electrical supply is required, but not all shelters have outlets so please check that out.  If you rent a water slide, remember we need a constant water supply via a water hose.  You will need to let the Park know that you will be setting up a water slide and inquire about water hose hook-up.  If you also rent a cotton candy or sno cone machine, it cannot be connected to the same circuit or it will blow.  The machine will require its own dedicated circuit.  

Indoor Set-Up:
AAF can set up indoors as long as the room is large (especially tall) enough to accommodate the inflatable.  Please make sure the inflatable you rent will fit the area.  We cannot go up or down stairs, and we must be able to use our dolly to move the inflatable to its destination.  A double door is required for indoor set up.  Please make sure all posts are removed from double doors.  

Rain/Weather Policy:
There is no penalty for rental that is canceled due to rain or high winds as long as the cancellation takes place before our driver leaves our storage location.  We cannot set up an inflatable in rain or in winds of 15 mph or greater.  We will contact you prior to the event in case of bad weather and together we will make a decision regarding cancellation.  Our Indoor Facility at times is available as a back-up if you desire. 

Cotton Candy Flavors:

Blue Raspberry
Pink Vanilla

Cotton Candy Kit... includes 60 cones and 1 box of your favorite candy sugar.

Bags and extra cones available at an extra charge. 


After helping you make plans for your special day...we deliver the rental unit, set it up for safety reasons, go over safety rules with you, then pick the unit up after your party/event.  We can stay and supervise the unit for an additional fee.



3453 Teays Valley Rd. Hurricane WV 25526 


Premium Sno Cone Flavors

Blue Raspberry
Dreamsicle... like the ice cream bar

Ice Cream... tastes like the best vanilla 
Sponge Bob... like tropical fruit



Available in quarts or gallons
1 quart = 20 servings
1 gallon = 80 servings

Sno Cone cups available for purchase.